Black Ops 6 will take up roughly half the console storage per preorder listings

Black Ops 6’s worldwide reveal came with a ton of new information, and with preorders up, it seems the game might be a storage stuffer.

The Xbox Games Showcase showed off highlights from the publisher’s portfolio, with looks at Perfect Dark, Avowed, and Gears of War. Yet all eyes were turned towards Call of Duty, as the iconic shooter now lies in the hands of Microsoft after the Activision merger.

With Call of Duty a part of the showcase, Treyarch showed 25 minutes of highlights, which featured campaign snippets, the return of the classic Prestige Mode, and a look at Zombies. The hype is palpable for the CoD community.

Yet, as quickly as the hype rose, it’s been deflated by the fact that the game might take an unfathomable amount of space in players’ platform of choice — approximately 309.8GB, per Black Ops 6’s preorder page on the Xbox website.

Black Ops 6 isn’t the first CoD to boast such a massive install size, although this might take the cake for the biggest in CoD history if it’s accurate. Granted, players should be able to uninstall certain game files, like in previous entries, if they aren’t needed.

Needless to say, fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the discovery of this monstrosity of an install file. The top reply shared: “The word ‘compressing files’ just doesn’t exist with Activision.”

“Yeah GTA6 is the only game that’ll be acceptable at this size,” another said.

“Over half a PS5’s memory????” one reply questioned. Fans also shared that it’d take multiple previous-generation consoles to house Black Ops 6.

Shortly after this caught traction, Activision confirmed that this file size accounts for the much-maligned Call of Duty HQ. Meaning, the 300GB file accounts for MW2, MW3, and Black Ops 6.

The publisher also confirmed that the overall file size will be reduced at launch, which fans will see on October 25 when Black Ops 6 arrives.

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