Best 93R loadout for XDefiant

XDefiant continues the FPS tradition of offering plenty of secondary weapons that you can use when your primary runs out of ammo in a bind. And very few are as good as the 93R.

These guns don’t provide the most power in the game, yet that doesn’t make them any less useful. The 93R, in particular, brings a burst of fire that, when combined with the right attachments, can be the difference you need when your primary runs dry.

Of course, you will need the best loadout for XDefiant matches, so here’s a rundown.

Best XDefiant 93R loadout

These are the attachments to bring the best out of the 93R in XDefiant:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw

This loadout aims to make the most out of what the weapon brings to the table, while also countering some of its shortcomings, mainly its small magazine size.

First, the Muzzle Booster will increase the 93R’s rate of fire to make it even faster to get shots off at your opponents. It does reduce some recoil control, but since you’ll be using it in close quarters, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The Extended Mag will help with the small magazine size, as it offers 15 more shots per clip. Your reload time will increase with it, but in most situations, you will be pulling the 93R out to finish someone off, meaning one full clip should suffice.

The Reflex Optic is a solid option that provides a better way to line up shots, while not being as cumbersome as other sights that increase the time it takes to aim your weapon.

The final attachment is the Quick Draw to also improve the time it takes to aim. This means switching to the 93R and getting a shot off won’t be as difficult as it normally could be.

Best primaries to use with 93R

Now, the 93R is a secondary weapon, so it’s best used as a complement to a primary gun. And it’s important to know which weapons this pistol will most aid given its strengths.

Since the 93R is a great close-quarters weapon, you’ll want to pair it with a primary designed for short-range encounters.

This means SMGs are going to be your best bet, and the following are going to work best with the 93R:

In addition to being the best SMGs in the game, all three of these guns are the best out of any weapon type. Their efficiency when fighting up close and personal makes them all fantastic companions for the 93R.

How to unlock the 93R

To unlock the 93R, you will need to sprint for 240 seconds with a Secondary Weapon. This is an easy challenge to complete and doesn’t even require you to interact with any other players.

There are other great primary weapons besides the SMGs listed above, so check out how to best equip the ACR 6.8, AK-47, and M4A1.

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