Bbno$ reveals Fortnite skin bundle allegedly in the works after viral TikTok leak

Bbno$ has revealed that he will potentially be getting his own Fortnite Icon series skin and bundle after he leaked an email allegedly from Epic Games in a viral TikTok.

The Canadian rapper and singer posted a TikTok titled “Where we dropping?” two weeks prior, in which he reacted to fan-made concept Fortnite skins of himself. With him having garnered over 3.7 million followers on the platform, it soon went viral.

Despite fans having flooded in with excitement for the skin and it has amassed millions of views, bbno$ made clear it was nothing more than a concept.

However, on June 21, bbno$ sent fans into a frenzy after he showed a screenshot of an alleged email from Epic as part of another viral TikTok. It stated that they wanted to team up with him to release his own skin, emote, and related cosmetics, as part of an upcoming bundle.

The email from the TikTok post stated: “We’ve slowly but surely become big fans of the bbno$ project and think adding a dance and corresponding item package around your new single ‘it boy’ would be a great addition to the game.”

For the emote, they stated: “We’re thinking some sort of cocky yet smooth movements that replicate the “I.T. B.O.Y” letters using hand and arm gestures.” They further mentioned that he would be able to send them a few suggestions for the emote or they could make mock-ups for his approval.

In regards to his Fortnite skin, “We think the red cowboy top seen in your cover art for the song could be a really good fit here, especially if we include some strong and ‘loud’ tassels on the top and across the sides of the pants,” they said.

It was not made clear when bbno$’s alleged skin and cosmetic bundle would be released, but it was to help promote his song “it boy” which was released on May 24, and then ended the email with “Please let me know no later than June 28, 2024.” It’s possible it could potentially launch in Fortnite during Chapter 5 Season 3.

At the time of writing, bbno$ nor Epic Games has confirmed if his skin bundle is actually in the works or commented on the situation any further.

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