Battle Crush, NCSOFT’s “MOBA + Battle Royale”, Gets Early Access Switch Launch In June

NCSOFT’s character-based battlefield brawler Battle Crush is coming to Switch on 27th June 27 in Early Access form with cross-play enabled with the Steam, Google Play, and Apple App Store versions.

This free-to-play “MOBA + Battle Royale + Brawl” hybrid supports up to 30 players across its various modes, with “unique action skills inspired by mythical legends.”

We’re also told that the game “is slated to unveil a new trailer at the highly anticipated annual gaming show, Summer Game Fest 2024,” so we’ll update this post with the new trailer once it’s live. In the meantime, the one above is the recently posted Season 1 cinematic trailer.

Here’s some more info from the PR giving some context to the brawling and smiting and general carnage, plus some screens of the Switch version:

BATTLE CRUSH offers a thrilling action battle brawler where players fight to be the last one standing on ever-shrinking battlefields, filled with enemies. You will be able to pick a champion from various playable characters, known as Calixers, ranging from gods to mythological creatures and other urban legends to dominate the arena and overwhelm your enemies. Put your skill set to the test through different Calixers that offer unique play styles to choose from. Strike down your foes and be crowned victorious in the heat of an epic battle!

If you’re interested, you can pre-register on the Google and Apple stores or via the official website to collect a rewards bundle for when the game launches. According to the PR, “Players who pre-register through the official website will also receive Freyja weapon skin as a bonus item.”

It’s difficult to say how NCSOFT will set this apart from the many and various free-to-play offerings on the eShop, but it’s certainly a colourful offering and looks to have solid bones. We’ll find out more at the end of June.

Like the look of this one enough to investigate exactly what a Freyja weapon skin looks like? Let us know in the usual place.

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