Athenian Rhapsody Brings Laughs, Community, and IBS

Welcome to the colorful and unpredictable world of Athens. Athenian Rhapsody releases May 14 on Xbox One & Series X|S systems, and with it, the chance to build your very own Rhapsody! Inspired heavily by a mixture of retro RPGs, choose-your-own-adventure books, and numerous other inspirations, Athenian Rhapsody is a unique blend of traditional RPG mechanics, player-focused narrative and exploration, and surprises such as varied minigames and a unique online system. No playthroughs will be the same – find out why in the brand new launch trailer above!

The world of Athens is weird, highly unusual, and filled with a host of surprises. Along the way, you’ll meet tons of friends (and foes)! As you navigate the world in your own unique way, you’ll decide how you want to interact not only with those you meet, but also the world itself. As the world shifts and you interact with denizens, you’ll begin to flesh out your very own rhapsody. You can meet 16 potential party members, all with tons of depth – the very world will change depending on who you have in your party when. Plus, every single enemy can be fought or befriended! You’ll also find smaller friends and foes to commune with, and find tons of unlockable outfits to deck yourself and your party out with.

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