All terminal commands in Lethal Company & what they do

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Thriving in Lethal Company requires mastering the harsh and unpredictable environment, with your success dependent on skillfully navigating the Terminal. Below is a summary of the released terminal codes and their functionalities.

The Terminal is more than simply a transactional tool in Lethal Company; it’s your lifeblood, unlocking hidden mysteries inside the game, promoting trade, and empowering calculated risk-taking.

As the developer plans to release more updates soon, players can anticipate potential additions to the array of Terminal commands.

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Until then, let’s delve into the details of Terminal commands and their in-game purpose.


A screenshot from Lethal Company featuring the player holding an item.

What do Terminal commands do in Lethal Company?

The Terminal is not just a static interface; it’s your beacon in the darkness. To utilize its functionalities, you must understand the basics. Approach the Terminal and press ‘E’ to interact with it in orbit or on a planet’s surface.

Crucially, purchases are advised in orbit, and you can exit the Terminal at any point by pressing ‘TAB’. Now, let’s dive into the plethora of commands that the Terminal offers.

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All Terminal commands in Lethal Company

That’s everything you need to know about Terminal commands in Lethal Company! For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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