Alix Earle goes viral after receiving a strange gift from her NFL boyfriend

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Alix Earle was left confused after her boyfriend randomly handed her $400 cash in a viral TikTok video.

The popular influencer took to TikTok to show off the wad of cash that her boyfriend, Miami Dolphins player Braxton Berrios, gave her out of nowhere.

“I’m sitting here with my heating pad on and my man just handed me $400,” Alix said while laying in bed, before panning the camera to show the NFL star standing next to her. “What did I do to deserve this?” she asked him in a fake southern accent.

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“Are you country now?” Braxton quipped. “What’d I do? What is this for?” the TikToker further questioned her boyfriend, who only laughed in response.

Alix then answered the question herself, jokingly concluding that the gift was “for being a great girlfriend, thank you.” The 20-second clip has since gone viral with almost 8 million views and 1.2 million likes.

TikTok users had mixed reactions to Braxton’s kind gesture, with many people saying they wish they had a boyfriend like him. “Where do I find one like this,” one person wrote. “Tips tricks and advice? Let the girlies know,” another said. “Drop that Amazon link for a copy of him pls,” a third added.

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Some viewers, however, weren’t really having it. “I️ can barely even pay my bills working two jobs 60 plus hours a week lol. That’s my entire bank account basically,” one user commented.

“$400 and I could keep my heat and electric on for another month, that would be great,” another shared. “Ummm be grateful,” someone else said.

The couple have been spending time together since March 2023, leading fans to accuse Alix of being the “mistress” in Braxton’s former relationship with Sophia Culpo. The TikToker has refuted these allegations on multiple occasions, calling them “triggering.”

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Alix officially confirmed her relationship with the Miami Dolphins wide receiver in November 2023, and he has since featured in a number of her viral TikToks.

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