A Tribute to an Incredible Mind: Sony’s Mark Weir

“Mark Weir was perhaps the first person to ever wear a tucked-in dress shirt, khakis, business shoes, and goggles.” -Jeremy Gray, PetaPixel News Editor

Mark Weir, Senior Manager of Electronics at Sony, retired this week after working for the company since 1986. He is, without a doubt, one of the smartest and friendliest people the digital camera industry has ever known and while we are so happy he finally is taking time for himself, we’re still a bit sad to see him go.

Weir started at Sony over 38 years ago working in, as he told me, the Walkman division. Years later, he became the go-to person within Sony Imaging for answers on anything technical. While he was rarely in the public eye, Weir was a constant among journalists and media as the voice behind new product briefings, both in person and, through the pandemic, virtually.

Mark Weir

He had the unique experience of being at Sony from the very beginnings of its foray into digital cameras all the way up through now as it battles neck and neck with Canon for the top position globally. He must have accrued so much knowledge in that time and he was always happy to share what he knew with whoever asked.

So vast is his knowledge that Weir rarely had to rely on the common phrase “I’ll get back to you” even when posed with the most difficult and obscure questions. As evidence of his knowledge, in 2014, Weir was granted the most prestigious honor a Sony employee can be given: he was inducted into the Sony Samurai Society.

Mark Weir

Mark Weir

Mark Weir

“A true and dedicated expert in his category, he has launched many of the products that were Sony’s entry into the digital world of imaging — categories such as CD Mavica, Cybershot, and our Alpha cameras. He has an unprecedented passion not just for our products, but for sharing our great Sony technology every chance he gets. He’s probably loaned many of us a camera or lens in our lifetime. He continually serves as a mentor to many of our employees — providing D.I. education on its technology and history, and consistently leading Sony into battle at every trade show to ensure our latest message is carried through to the end-user,” Sony said of him during his induction.

Mark Weir

“This inductee brings new meaning to the words ‘customer focus,’ tirelessly walking our customers through any support they may need at any time — nights and weekends typical. He is known as ‘the face of Sony Digital Imaging,’ and the ‘Professor’ to many of us, constantly driving to bring the best possible DI products to our U.S. market. He has also played pivotal roles in the launch and success of unique programs that bring Sony’s DSLR to the next level, including the Premium Service Program and the Artisans of Imagery program. In addition, this inductee is an architect helping to develop the first-ever consumer 4K video shooting eco system to ensure Sony excels at each and every touch point the way only Sony can do.”

I and the rest of the PetaPixel team agree wholeheartedly. Mark Weir is a legend in this industry, who absolutely put customers and experience first and foremost.

Mark Weir
Mark, Ted Forbes, and I would often sneak off during press trips and head to local breweries. I expect that this tradition will never change any time we are ever in the same town. | Photo by Ted Forbes

“He is undeniably the ultimate Sony ambassador and industry leader,” Sony says, a statement that we could not agree with more.

From all of us here at PetaPixel, thank you Mark for the many wonderful years and we wish you a happy retirement. If you ever get the itch to come talk about cameras again, you will always have a platform with which to speak right along side the rest of us right here and on our YouTube channel. Your wisdom will never be turned away.

Mark Weir
This photo was taken after a long day of shooting and Mark, ever prepared, revealed a cooler full of some of the best beers from across the country for us all to sample. | Photo by Ted Forbes

Anyone reading this who enjoys good beer and even better company, raise a glass to Mark Weir tonight!

Image credits: Unless otherwise noted, photos by Kishore Sawh

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